Light of My Life

A father tells his child a story. It is evening, and they are lying in a tent in the middle of the forest. What at first glance appears idyllic turns out to be an exceptional situation: in this post-pandemic world, the father is doing everything in his power to protect Rag. When the exhausted pair is taken in by three old men, danger seems to be averted, and perhaps a home and surrogate family has been identified. But this is a desperate and violent world, and the small measure of peace the parent and child find is soon lost.
As humanity teeters on the brink of collapse, it is not the survival of the species that concerns us, it is the single child. But it is the nature of children to demand change. Innocence is lost. Tragedy closes in. And nature looks on, detached.
With Light of My Life, Casey Affleck, who also plays the father, presents his second directorial work based on his own script. In this mixture of a survival drama and coming-of-age story, he unfolds a dystopian family tale. While the father finds it nearly impossible to explain the world to his child, the filmmaker resists explaining everything to his audience. However, what is important is imparted to each.
by Casey Affleck
with Anna Pniowsky, Casey Affleck, Tom Bower, Elisabeth Moss, Hrothgar Mathews, Timothy Webber, Monk Serrell Freed, Jesse Pierce, Tommy Clarke, Lloyd Cunningham
USA 2019 English 119’ Colour World premiere


  • Anna Pniowsky (Rag)
  • Casey Affleck (Dad)
  • Tom Bower (Tom)
  • Elisabeth Moss (Mom)
  • Hrothgar Mathews (Calvin)
  • Timothy Webber (Lemmy)
  • Monk Serrell Freed (Young Man)
  • Jesse Pierce (Snow House Atacker #1)
  • Tommy Clarke (Snow House Atacker #2)
  • Lloyd Cunningham (Snow House Atacker #3)


Written and Directed by Casey Affleck
Cinematography Adam Arkapaw
Editing Dody Dorn, Christopher Tellefsen
Music Daniel Hart
Sound Design Zach Seivers
Sound Graham Timmer
Production Design Sara K. White
Costumes Malgosia Turzanska
Make-Up Monica Huppert
Casting Avy Kaufman
Assistant Director Liz Tan
Production Manager Jill Christensen
Producers Teddy Schwarzman, Casey Affleck, John Powers Middleton
Executive Producers Michael Heimler, Ben Stillman, Whitaker Lader

Casey Affleck

Born in Falmouth, Massachusetts in 1975, he is an actor, writer, filmmaker and founder of the Sea Change Media production company. He won an Oscar, a Golden Globe and over 40 other awards for his performance in Manchester by the Sea. His first film appearance was in To Die For by Gus Van Sant with whom he also collaborated on Good Will Hunting and Gerry.


2010 I'm Still Here; documentary

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