Who Will Write Our History?

Das Geheimarchiv im Warschauer Ghetto
You can annihilate us, but not the memory of our lives: this documentary with fictional elements tells the unique story of the secret archive which the Jewish historian Emanuel Ringelblum and his colleagues compiled in the Warsaw Ghetto in 1941. Various different materials were hidden in tin boxes and milk churns: posters, newspaper reports, ration cards, diaries and poems, along with documents that proved the Nazi regime’s policy of extermination. The archive was designed to record for posterity how Jews lived in the Ghetto and how they were murdered. In interviews, archive footage and dramatised scenes, the film reconstructs the creation of this encyclopaedia of remembrance.
by Roberta Grossman
with Jowita Budnick, Piotr Glowacki, Karolina Gruszka
USA 2018 English, Polish, Yiddish 95’ Colour & Black/White Documentary form


  • Jowita Budnick
  • Piotr Glowacki
  • Karolina Gruszka


Written and Directed by Roberta Grossman
Cinematography Dyanna Taylor
Editing Chris Callister, Ondine Rarey
Music Todd Boekelheide
Production Design Frank Gampel, Marek Warszewski
Producer Roberta Grossman

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