Sex on the metro! The director has taken footage shot in a completely empty compartment on the London underground and married it to the off-camera reading of a pornographic text that includes detailed masturbation instructions for a female rider. The whole sexy trip, driven by musical clinking sounds, is framed by images of a woman in black bandages using a leather whip for self-flagellation. Take a ride on the wild side!
by Eva C. Heldmann Germany 1990 English 5’ Colour


Director Eva C. Heldmann

Additional information

DCP: Eva Heldmann

Eva C. Heldmann

Eva C. Heldmann, born in 1951 in Dillenburg, Germany, lives and works in Berlin. In the 1980s she ran the art house cinema Mondpalast close to Limburg an der Lahr, Germany and programed in the cinema Mal seh’n in Frankfurt am Main. During this time she started producing films and videos. She organized the Frankfurter Filmschau until 2000. Her work has been awarded and shown in international festivals.

Filmography (selection)

1984 Johnny oder das rohe Fleisch; 4 min. 1990 Compartment; 5 min. 1994 1000 Küsse an Wanda; 22 min. 1999 Fremd gehen. Gespräche mit meiner Freundin; 64 min., Forum 2000 2006 The Queens Courtyard; 80 min. 2008 Five Sex Rooms und eine Küche; 79 min. 2010 Das schöne Heim; 65 min. 2011 Prufrock Back in America; 8 min., Forum Expanded 2011 2012 r i v e r r e d; 8 min., Forum Expanded 2012 2015 Strom; 81 min., Forum Expanded 2015 2017 Im Gehäus (In His Room)

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