A young, seemingly mute woman has been fixed to the wall of an apartment with a long metal chain. She is being kept as a slave in the home of taxi driver Phanishwar, where she sleeps on a table and cooks for him. Phanishwar is a fervent supporter of the right-wing extremist guru ‘Baba’ and spreads his hatred in the commentary sections of social networks. One day he meets a young woman, Rami, who has had to go underground in Goa after a secretly filmed sex video in which she appeared went viral on the internet. He becomes her driver, whilst secretly stalking her online.
Indian director Q does not shy away from controversy, having already succeeded in inflaming passions with the dark tales in his feature film debut, Gandu. His stylishly shot revenge story Garbage revolves around two women who are exposed to different forms of oppression. Q initially takes time to develop the events, making some (queer) detours until eventually, things radically change. And when female martyrdom turns into retaliation, the director finds drastic images for the filmic deconstruction of (Indian) masculinity.
by Q
with Tanmay Dhanania, Trimala Adhikari, Satarupa Das, Gitanjali Dang, Shruti Viswan, Satchit Puranik
India 2018 Hindi 105’ Colour World premiere


  • Tanmay Dhanania (Phanishwar)
  • Trimala Adhikari (Rami)
  • Satarupa Das (Nanaam)
  • Gitanjali Dang (Simone)
  • Shruti Viswan (Arri)
  • Satchit Puranik (Baba Satchitanand)


Director Q
Editing Hina Saiyada
Music Neel Adhikari
Sound Anuroop Kukreja
Production Design Hina Saiyada
Costumes Smita Singh
Make-Up Nagendra Tiwari
Assistant Director Maitree Muzumdar
Production Manager Ryan Quadros
Producers Shaailesh R Singh, Hansal Mehta, Q
Co-Producers Hina Saiyada, Dipankar Jojo Chaki

Produced by

Karma Media And Entertainment

Fooyong Film


Born in Kolkata, India in 1973, he studied history at the University of Calcutta and worked for 12 years as a successful director of commercials before founding the independent production company, Overdose, to make films with a socio-political focus. His documentary Love in India won the 2009 National Film Award. His debut feature film Gandu (Asshole) premiered in the 2011 Panorama but was banned from official release in India. His films Tasher Desh (The Land of Cards), Ludo and Brahman Naman have met with success at international festivals and at the Indian box office.


2009 Love in India 2011 Gandu (Asshole); Panorama 2013 Tasher Desh (The Land of Cards) 2014 Nabarun 2015 Ludo 2016 Brahman Naman 2018 Garbage; Panorama

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