Tweener | Ringen
Just because they go all out when they’re wrestling doesn’t mean that Jaana and Bettan aren’t still best friends. It’s simple: A wrestler can only improve by training with a strong partner, and Jaana is set on making the jump to the advanced squad. Alas, Bettan appears to have chosen this of all moments to lose her focus a bit. Instead of training she prefers to try out a couple new dance moves. She even lets a boy beat her at practice!
by Julia Thelin
with Ellen Bökman, Nadine Arizcurinaga Ben Chaouch, Inez Torhaug, Arman Fariborz Saleh, Alexej Manvelov
Sweden 2018 Swedish 16’ Colour empfohlen ab 12 Jahren


  • Ellen Bökman (Jaana)
  • Nadine Arizcurinaga Ben Chaouch (Bettan)
  • Inez Torhaug (Mina)
  • Arman Fariborz Saleh (Umut)
  • Alexej Manvelov (Viktor)


Written and Directed by Julia Thelin
Cinematography Johan Hannu
Editing Anton Hemgren
Music Jakob Lindhagen
Sound Design Jonathan Dakers
Sound Calle Buddee Roos
Production Design Clara Isaksson-Vogel
Costumes Julia Tegström
Make-Up Magdalena Gelush
Casting Mikaela Knapp
Assistant Director Bim Jacobsson
Production Management Johan Lundström
Producers Eliza Jones, Markus Waltå
Co-Producers Peter Zell, Mikael Frisell, Björn Benckert
Co-Production SVT Stockholm
Dagsljus AB Stockholm
Syndicate Entertainment Stockholm

Julia Thelin

Born in 1991, this scriptwriter and director studied film at the Fridhems Folkhögskola from 2011 to 2013 before graduating from the script programme at Brobygrafiska in Sweden. She has made dance films, music videos and short films, and both wrote and directed her short film Push It (2017).


2013 Cindy; short film 2015 Helljus; short film 2017 Push It; short film 2018 Brottas (Tweener); short film

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2018