Hendi va Hormoz

Hendi & Hormoz
‘I won’t let you go.’ · ‘Go home. It’s none of your business. Keep out of this.’ · ‘If you go, I’ll kill myself.’ · ‘Don’t ever say that. Wait! Hendi!’

Blood-red waves break on the coast of Hormuz. The Iranian island has a rich supply of haematite, though few of its inhabitants profit from the red gold. 16-year-old Hormoz is consoled by the prospect of hiring on at the strip mine as he is married off to 13-year-old Hendi. Alas, the young man finds the doors of opportunity shut tight. When Hendi becomes pregnant Hormoz enters into an ominous pact with a smuggler in order to ensure his family’s livelihood. As in Valderama (2016) before, Abbas Amini depicts the existential struggle of young people and their longing for happiness. Set against a gorgeous backdrop of navy blue and Persian red, Hendi and Hormoz find their way to one another as their lives seem perilously close to coming undone.
by Abbas Amini
with Zohre Eslami, Hamed Alipour
Iran / Czechia 2018 Farsi 88’ Colour


  • Zohre Eslami (Hendi)
  • Hamed Alipour (Hormoz)


Director Abbas Amini
Screenplay Hossein Farokhzadeh, Abbas Amini
Cinematography Ashkan Ashkani
Editing Shahroz Tavakol, Ehsan Vaseghi
Music Mehran Ghaedipour
Sound Design Mehrshad Malakoti
Sound Reza Tehrani, Hossein Pour Rahimy
Production Design Abbas Amini, Azadeh Moussavi
Assistant Director Azadeh Moussavi
Production Management Hossein Farokhzadeh
Executive Producer Ali Sadraie
Producers Pouria Heidary Oureh, Abbas Amini
Co-Producers Andrea Shaffer, Mehrva Arvin
Co-Production MAGICLAB Prag
Mehrva Gallery Teheran

Abbas Amini

Born in Abadan, Iran in 1982, he moved to Tehran in 2001 and began working as an assistant director on various feature films. His first short films and documentaries focused on social topics such as the consequences of the Iraq-Iran war and particularly the welfare of children. He has been a volunteer for the Association for the Protection of Child Labourers (APCL) for the past ten years. His debut feature film Valderama screened in the 2016 Berlinale Generation.

Filmography (selection)

2001 Shield Children; short film 2002 Abdolma; short film 2005 Taste of the Sun; short film 2008 Night Story 2009 Impossible Mission 2012 The Breathless 2014 Season of Return; short film 2016 Valderama; Generation 2018 Hendi va Hormoz (Hendi and Hormoz)

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2018