In a time before mobile phones, postmodern Erinyes come to Barangay Babylonia in order to kill a local dictator. A tricky job, one that causes several fatalities in the process. Strange things occur in this far-off land. Roosters and bags of crisps can talk. Good always has lightning bolts on hand, and Evil only needs to intone a couple words to lull anyone within earshot. In order to find the dictator and complete their mission, two women ally themselves along the way with members of the local opposition. The direction combines elements of splatter and trash cinema, as well as the telenovela, to relate one particular take on the current state of society.
Maike Mia Höhne
by Keith Deligero
with Rhyles Cameron, Patricia Zosa, Nicole Blackman, Rya de Guzman, Publio Briones III
Philippines 2017 Filipino 20’ Colour


  • Rhyles Cameron (Jay)
  • Patricia Zosa (Madame Irma)
  • Nicole Blackman (Saab)
  • Rya de Guzman (Dawn)
  • Publio Briones III (Tito Loy)


Director Keith Deligero
Screenplay Gale Osorio based on a story by Paul Grant
Cinematography Keith Deligero
Editing Lawrence Ang
Sound Design Keith Deligero
Producer Gale Osorio

Produced by

Deligero & Co.

Keith Deligero

Born in Cebu, the Philippines in 1982, he studied fine arts and then moved to the capital city, Manila, where he worked for five years as an editor/director for a national television network. He then returned home to focus on his own film projects. He also works on commercials as well as organising the Binisaya Film Festival and travelling around the country with a film projector screening films at basketball courts, in basements and on rooftops as part of the festival.


2009 Uwan Init Pista Sa Langit; short film 2010 Baboyngirongbuang 2012 Kordero Sa Dios 2013 Iskalawags 2016 Lily 2017 Babylon

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2018