As the first gentle rays of sun shine through the forest, Yover gets up to start his day. He has a busy schedule ahead on his delivery bike. His route, though his home town, Bojayá, takes him past wooden huts and colourful clothes hung on washing lines. Employing an unusual film format, Edison Sánchez portrays daily life in a village that has regained its courage and lust for life after one of the worst tragedies of the Colombian conflict.
by Edison Sánchez
with Yober Calvo Cuesta, Adalberto Scarpeta Romaña, Litzy Zamira Díaz
Colombia 2018 Spanish 14’ Colour empfohlen ab 9 Jahren


  • Yober Calvo Cuesta (Yover)
  • Adalberto Scarpeta Romaña (Adalberto)
  • Litzy Zamira Díaz (Litzy)


Written and Directed by Edison Sánchez
Cinematography Carlos Hernández
Editing Fausto Tapias
Music Las Alabaoras de Bojayá
Sound Design Juan Pablo Patiño
Sound Juan Pablo Patiño
Production Design Tatiana Vera
Costumes Tatiana Vera
Make-Up Tatiana Vera
Casting Edison Sánchez
Production Management Miguel Antoinio Zanguña Villalba
Assistant Director Santiago Léon Cuéllar
Executive Producer Edison Sánchez
Producer Edison Sánchez
Co-Producers Carlos Hernandez, Juan Pablo Patiño, Fausto Tapias, Santiago Léon Cuéllar
Co-Production Como pez en el agua Bogotá
Rueda sonido Medellín
Pivote cine Bogotá
Mudra films Medellín

World sales

Blanca Granados

Produced by

Antrum Films

Edison Sánchez

Born in Colombia in 1990, he has worked as a photo journalist for the ‘La Patria’ and ‘El Espectador’ newspapers and received the National Journalism Award for his ‘La Casita de Polvo’ report. His short film La mera propina screened at numerous international festivals, including at Cannes in 2014. He is an official photographer of the Cartagena, Panama and Santander festivals. His short documentary Resistencia en paz premiered at the Cartagena Film Festival and went on to be shown at other festivals in Colombia and abroad.


2014 La mera propina; short film 2017 Resistencia en paz; short film 2018 Yover; short film

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