Butterfly Kisses

‘What you doing?’ · ‘Just watching people.’ · ‘Why?’ · ‘'Cause people are interesting.’

At the housing estate they call home, Jake, Kyle and Jarred hang around playing billiards, partying, smoking pot, watching porn, and talking about sex. They welcome anything that breaks the routine, even if it's a fight at the snooker hall – or a new neighbour such as the pretty Zara, a teenage girl who just moved into the estate with her younger sister. Standing at the window on the top floor, Jake can survey the whole housing block. Something about this place captivates him; the solitude, the isolation, the anonymity. In high contrast black and white, set to haunting organ music, the film portrays the life of a teenager whose increasing isolation takes on a sinister form under the burden of a secret he cannot tell anyone.
by Rafael Kapelinski
with Theo Stevenson, Liam Whiting, Byron Lyons, Rosie Day, Thomas Turgoose, Honor Kneafsey, Sadie Thwaites, Charlotte Beaumont, Elliot Cowan, Leigh Gill
United Kingdom 2017 English 89’ Black/White empfohlen ab 16 Jahren


  • Theo Stevenson (Jake)
  • Liam Whiting (Kyle)
  • Byron Lyons (Jarred)
  • Rosie Day (Zara)
  • Thomas Turgoose (Shrek)
  • Honor Kneafsey (Lilly)
  • Sadie Thwaites (Christina)
  • Charlotte Beaumont (Amy)
  • Elliot Cowan (Jake's Dad)
  • Leigh Gill (Brick)


Director Rafael Kapelinski
Screenplay Greer Taylor Ellison
Cinematography Nick Cooke
Editing Andrew Walton
Music Nathan Klein
Sound Design Gernot Fuhrmann
Sound Len Usselmann
Production Design Fleur Whitlock
Art Director Elizabeth El-Kadhi
Costumes Charlotte Loudon
Make-Up Sarah Rowland
Casting Blue Books
Assistant Director JC Prince
Production Manager Sophie Jackson
Producer Merlin Merton
Executive Producers Mike Jones, Lauro Rocha, Alexia Rocha, Ramin Sabi, Zoe Solanki, Edmund Marlowe
Co-Executive Producer David Braithwaite, Rob Craine, Philippe Audi-Dor, Nicola Matthews, Byron McNally, Mayed Al Qasimi, Noel Paton, Adam Paton, Todd Hughes

World sales

m-appeal – Raspberry & Cream

Rafael Kapelinski

Born in Toruń, Poland in 1970, he left a job in banking to pursue a career in film, starting off as the director of the Festival Office for the Camerimage Film Festival in Poland. He subsequently attended the Andrzej Wajda Master School of Film Directing in Warsaw, the London Film School and the National Film and Television School in the UK. His short films have won over 25 awards at international film festivals. In 2009 he was selected for a residency in Paris as part of the Cannes International Film Festival. Butterfly Kisses is his debut feature film.


2006 Emily Cries; short film 2009 The Foundation; short film 2011 The Informer; short film 2017 Butterfly Kisses

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2017