Últimos días en la Habana

Last Days in Havana
Diego and Miguel are both in their mid-forties. They are living in a dilapidated apartment in central Havana without running water or any modern amenities. Miguel earns his money washing dishes in a privately run restaurant; he, his family and neighbours also care for Diego, who is bedridden on account of his HIV infection. While Diego tries to maintain his joie de vivre, Miguel becomes increasingly withdrawn. Only the two of them know about Miguel’s secret: he is planning to emigrate to the USA and is just waiting for his visa. When Diego’s condition deteriorates he is forced to go into hospital and leaves his room to his niece Yusi. When Miguel’s visa finally arrives it’s time for some surprising decisions – and not just for him. Writer, documentary filmmaker and director Fernando Pérez has based his screenplay on the lives of the inhabitants of a tenement building. The resulting film presents a vibrant kaleidoscope of emotions. Unfolding in tranquil images, this story of an unusual friendship also provides an insight into a culture in transition that requires constant flexibility and incredible optimism. A declaration of love to the Cuban capital and its inhabitants.
by Fernando Pérez
with Jorge Martínez, Patricio Wood, Gabriela Ramos, Cristian Jesús Pérez, Coralia Veloz, Carmen Solar, Yailene Sierra, Ana Gloria Buduén
Cuba / Spain 2016 Spanish 93’ Colour


  • Jorge Martínez (Diego)
  • Patricio Wood (Miguel)
  • Gabriela Ramos (Yusi)
  • Cristian Jesús Pérez (P4)
  • Coralia Veloz (Clara)
  • Carmen Solar (Fefa)
  • Yailene Sierra (Miriam)
  • Ana Gloria Buduén (Police Officer)


Director Fernando Pérez
Screenplay Fernando Pérez, Abel Rodríguez
Cinematography Raúl Pérez Ureta
Editing Rodolfo Barros
Sound Design Juan Ferro
Sound Sheyla Pool
Production Design Celia Ledón
Make-Up Pavel Marrero
Casting Gloria María Cossío
Executive Producers Danilo Leon, José María Morales

World sales

Instituto Cubano del Arte e Industrias Cinematográficos (ICAIC)

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Produced by

Instituto Cubano del Arte e Industrias Cinematográficos (ICAIC)

Fernando Pérez

Born in Havana in 1944, he is one of Cuba’s most renowned directors and screenwriters. He studied language and Hispanic literature at the University of Havana and then began working as a production and directing assistant. Since 1975 he has made numerous documentaries; he directed his first feature film in 1987. His work has won multiple awards including the Goya Award for Best Ibero-American Film for La vida es silbar (Life is to Whistle) in 2000. His documentary Suite Habana (Havana Suite) opened the San Sebastián film festival in 2003.


1988 Clandestinos (Underground) 1990 Hello Hemingway 1994 Madagascar 1998 La vida es silbar (Life Is To Whistle) 2003 Suite Habana (Havana Suite) 2007 Madrigal 2010 José Martí: el ojo del canario (José Martí: The Canary's Eye) 2014 La pared de las palabras (The Wall of Words) 2016 Últimos días en la Habana (Last Days in Havana)

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