keep that dream burning

“Noise has always fascinated me. When I was young, there was an old television set without reception. I stared into the static ‘snow’ and twiddled the knobs to modulate the signal noise. A kind of early instrument. I don’t consider it to be a negative concept, instead it represents a premonition, for everything new that comes into the world. A promise of greatest possible indeterminacy.” (Rainer Kohlberger) Rainer Kohlberger applied various algorithms to extract the noise from a vast number of action films and used this to reduce the dramaturgy of the narrative to its essence. keep that dream burning oscillates between maximum abstraction and pure blur. Within the blurriness, objects form and disappear. The surface allows the space to be conceived.
by Rainer Kohlberger Austria / Germany 2017 Without dialogue 8’ Black/White


Director Rainer Kohlberger

Rainer Kohlberger

Born in Linz, Austria in 1982, he works as a freelance video artist and media designer in Berlin, developing algorithm-based images for installations, experimental films and live visualisations. His deliberately reductionist visual imagery moves between a playful discourse with concrete forms and noise aesthetics. His short film keep that dream burning screened in the 2017 Berlinale Shorts.

Filmography (short films)

2013 humming, fast and slow 2015 moon blink 2016 not even nothing can be free of ghosts 2017 keep that dream burning; Berlinale Shorts 2018 more than everything 2019 It has to be lived once and dreamed twice

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