Min Homosyster

My Gay Sister | Meine Homoschwester
Ten-year-old Cleo has a head full of questions: How can I tell if I'm in love with somebody? How do I know if I prefer boys or girls? Since her older sister began dating another girl, there are new, strange feelings stirring inside Cleo. During a trip to the Norwegian fjords, she broaches the subject with the young couple and is given some helpful advice.
by Lia Hietala
with Juliette Safavi, Tina Pourdavoy, Erika A. Coleman
Sweden / Norway 2017 Swedish 15’ Colour empfohlen ab 11 Jahren


  • Juliette Safavi (Cleo)
  • Tina Pourdavoy (Gabbi)
  • Erika A. Coleman (Majken)


Written and Directed by Lia Hietala
Cinematography Karin Stenwall
Editing Lia Hietala, Karin Stenwall
Music Katharina Nuttall
Sound Design Katharina Nuttall, Linus Andersson
Sound Nathanael Gustin
Production Design Lia Hietala, Karin Stenwall
Production Assistant Maria Kirpichenko
Producers Stefan Henriksson, Lia Hietala, Karin Stenwall
Co-Producer Håkon B. Toft
Co-Production Toft Film Tromsö

Lia Hietala

Born in Stockholm in 1993. For her first short film, If I Say No, she received a scholarship from the Norwegian Nordnorsk film centre. Min Homosyster screened in the 2017 Generation section and won the Teddy Award for Best Short Film. She is a student of fine art at the University of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm.

Filmography (short films)

2016 If I Say No · If I Say No; short film 2017 Min Homosyster (My Gay Sister) · Min Homosyster (My Gay Sister); short film, Generation 2020 Always Amber; documentary, Panorama

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