Red Dog: True Blue

‘Blue you're red! I've got a good feeling about us. I think we're gonna be best mates.’

Red Dog is back on the big screen! The larger-than-life tale of a very special dog already mesmerised Generation audiences back in 2011. This new film by Australian director Kriv Stenders tells the eponymous hero's backstory, inspired by true events. Eleven-year-old Mick lives with his grandfather on a farm in the Australian Outback. After a storm, he discovers a puppy drenched in blue paint, and names him ‘Blue’ on the spot. From this moment onwards the two of them are inseparable, as they explore the bush and have magical adventures. When Mick falls in love for the first time, however, things become turbulent for both of them. With humour and compassion, the film tells the story of a true friendship in a time of change.
by Kriv Stenders
with Phoenix, Levi Miller, Bryan Brown, Jason Isaacs, Hanna Mangan Lawrence, Thomas Cocquerel, John Jarratt, Justine Clarke, Zen McGrath, Winta McGrath
Australia 2016 English 89’ Colour


  • Phoenix (Blue Dog)
  • Levi Miller (Mick)
  • Bryan Brown (Grandfather)
  • Jason Isaacs (Michael Carter)
  • Hanna Mangan Lawrence (Betty Marble)
  • Thomas Cocquerel (Bill Stemple)
  • John Jarratt (Lang Hancock)
  • Justine Clarke (Diane Carter)
  • Zen McGrath (Theo Carter)
  • Winta McGrath (Nicolas Carter)


Director Kriv Stenders
Screenplay Daniel Taplitz
Cinematography Geoffrey Hall
Editing Jill Bilcock, Rodrigo Balart
Music Cezary Skubiszewski
Sound Design Chris Goodes
Production Design Sam Hobbs
Costumes Anna Borghesi
Make-Up Paula Jane Hamilton
Assistant Director Charles Rotherham
Casting Christine King
Production Manager Anna Steel
Line Producer Carol Hughes
Producers Nelson Woss, Bryce Menzies
Executive Producers Marc Van Buuren, Daniel Taplitz, Colin Vaines, Graham Burke, Joel Pearlman, Di Bain, John Poynton, Greg Parker
Co-Producers Chris Veerhuis, Mark Kraus, Jill Bilcock

Produced by

Good Dog Enterprises

Marshalls & Dent

Kriv Stenders

Born in Brisbane, Australia in 1964, he is one of Australia’s most renowned film directors. He graduated from the Australian Film Television and Radio School in Sydney in 1989 and since then has directed numerous documentaries, shorts and feature films as well as music videos and television series. His feature film Red Dog screened in the Berlinale Generation section in 2011 and was a huge box office success.

Filmography (selection)

2005 The Illustrated Family Doctor · Blacktown 2006 Boxing Day 2009 Lucky Country 2011 Red Dog 2014 Kill Me Three Times 2016 Red Dog: True Blue

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