La libertad del diablo

Devil's Freedom
In the past five years the battle against drug crime in Mexico has claimed the lives of an estimated 100,000 people. If one were to count the children, wives and husbands, parents and friends of the deceased then the figure increases to around 400,000 victims. But statistics remain abstract and the terrible news with which Mexico begins each new day has long since become a part of everyday life. This film looks into the stories behind the numbers and headlines. The faces of the interviewees are hidden in order to preserve their anonymity. All of them are wearing masks so that we cannot see their emotions, but we sense them all the more. Victims and perpetrators are able to take their time to express themselves in front of Everardo González’s patient camera. Time and again the moment arrives when they become fully aware of their emotions and yield to their pain, or face up to the barbarity of the crimes they have committed. Their detailed, shocking testimonials are interspersed with episodes from everyday life. In this way, a portrait of a society emerges that is governed by fear and deep insecurity.
by Everardo González Mexico 2017 Spanish 74’ Colour Documentary form


Written and Directed by Everardo González
Cinematography María Secco
Editing Paloma López Carrillo
Music Quincas Moreira
Sound Design Matías Barberis
Sound Bernat Fortiana
Production Manager Arturo Malacara
Producers Robert Garza, Inna Payán
Co-Producers Simón Bross, Beto Bross
Co-Production Bross al cuadrado Mexiko-Stadt

Everardo González

The Mexican director, producer and cinematographer is recognised as one of the most important voices in Latin American documentary. His films have screened at festivals including the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam and in Toulouse, Locarno, Montreal, Sarajevo, Guadalajara and Morelia.


2003 La canción del pulque 2007 Los ladrones viejos 2011 Cuates de Australia · El cielo abierto 2015 El Paso 2017 La libertad del diablo (Devil's Freedom)

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