Piata loď

Little Harbour | Das fünfte Schiff
‘I told you before that I had a house and two children. Would you have believed me?’ · ‘No.’ · ‘And do we have children?’ · ‘We do.’ · ‘So we also have a sea. And there are boats too.’

For Lucia, Jarka is nothing more than a best friend. Ten-year-old Jarka doesn’t see it that way though. She would much rather have her mom try to be a mother instead. Jarka dreams of having a real family and a house by the sea. Left on her own, she stumbles upon twins infants abandoned at the train station and decides to take them in. Her grandmother’s enchanted garden becomes a safe haven where she can take on the role of a parent together with her neighbour Kristian, who himself suffers from overprotective parents. In an impressive manner, the two prove how loving true affection and an awareness of responsibility can look when individuals hold tight to their dreams without disappointing those closest to them.
by Iveta Grófová
with Vanessa Szamuhelová, Matúš Bačišin, Katarína Kamencová, Johanna Tesařová
Slovakia / Czechia 2017 Slovak 85’ Colour empfohlen ab 12 Jahren


  • Vanessa Szamuhelová (Jarka)
  • Matúš Bačišin (Kristian)
  • Katarína Kamencová (Lucia)
  • Johanna Tesařová (Irena)


Director Iveta Grófová
Screenplay Marek Leščák, Iveta Grófová adapted from a novel by Monika Kompaníková
Cinematography Denisa Buranová
Editing Anton Fabian
Music Matej Hlaváč
Sound Design Matej Hlaváč, Tobiáš Potočný
Production Design Denisa Buranová, Iveta Grófová, Iva Němcová
Costumes Martina Čerňáková
Make-Up Michala Frimmerová
Assistant Director Milan Chalmovský
Production Managers Kristína Majorošová, Daša Parízková
Producers Katarína Krnáčová, Iveta Grófová, Jiří Konečný
Co-Producers Péter Reich, Iván Angelusz, Tibor Búza
Co-Production Rozhlas a televízia Slovenska Bratislava
Silverart Bratislava

Iveta Grófová

Born in Trenčín, Slovakia in 1980, after studying in the animation and documentary departments she has a PhD from the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. Her 2012 feature debut Made in Ash was the Slovakian entry for the Best Foreign Language Oscar® nominations and was presented and won awards at many festivals including FilmFestival Cottbus and Torino Film Festival. Alongside a short film she has also directed documentaries for television including, in 2014, Blues pro sólo matky (Blues for Single Mothers). She founded Hulapa Film, a production company for author-driven films, in 2010.


2012 Až do mesta Aš (Made in Ash) 2013 Discoboj (Discoboy); short film 2017 Piata loď

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2017