The camera is always there, following Belinda, who is growing up in extremely precarious conditions. We first encounter this young protagonist at the age of nine; she’s a defiant bundle of energy who doesn’t make things easy for herself or for others. She and her sister are living in a home, but when their legal guardians decide to separate them the girls run away and wander about the forests. They just can’t live without each other, they tell their carer who whose presence is mostly limited to phone calls. At the age of fifteen, Belinda informs him that no, she cannot imagine a future working in a shoe shop. She’d much rather work as a mechanic. Her sister now has a child of her own. Godmother Belinda attends the christening, all dressed up and wearing high heels.
Without ever intervening, this film describes the lives of the Yenish people, who are not recognised as a national minority in any EU state. When Belinda turns 23 she decides to get married, but her boyfriend is in prison. She sends him love letters and waits for his release. Belinda – a touching love story, the script of which was written by real life.
by Marie Dumora France 2017 French 107’ Colour Documentary form


Written and Directed by Marie Dumora
Cinematography Marie Dumora
Editing Catherine Gouze
Sound Design Nathalie Vidal
Sound Aline Huber, Martin Sadoux
Production Manager Diane Thin
Line Producer Maud Huynh
Producer Laurent Lavolé
Co-Producers Serge Lalou, Juliette Guigon, Patrick Winocour, David Danesi
Co-Production Les Films d'Ici Paris
Quark Productions Paris
Digital District Paris

Produced by

Gloria Films

Marie Dumora

A French director who films all her documentaries in the same area which spans only a few kilometres in eastern France. She thus creates a cinematic terrain where the characters of one film lead to the next. Her works have screened at numerous festivals and won various awards, including the Intangible Heritage Award at the Cinéma du Réel festival in Paris for La Place.

Filmography (documentaries)

1997 Le Square Burq est impec; short film 1998 Après la pluie; short film 2000 Tu n'es pas un ange; short film 2002 Avec ou sans toi 2004 Emmenez-moi 2007 Je voudrais aimer personne 2012 La Place 2015 Forbach Forever 2017 Belinda

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2017