The near future. A young woman named Mira leaves her familiar world. Familiar? The place that was once more or less confidently referred to as ‘old Europe’ is now a shadow of its former self. Nowadays it is as hard to leave this fortress as it is to enter it. In search of a freer existence and, pursued by the powers-that-be, Mira boards a mysterious train in Paris bound for the east. Somewhere out there they say there’s a place called Tara, where a group of people have dedicated themselves to becoming who they want to be … The journey there is dangerous and the waymarkers are inconclusive. Not to mention the encounters with the group’s local contacts, who do little to inspire confidence.
Questions about Europe’s future surface, providing us with new material and a new direction in which to explore our thoughts of a better world and the necessity of dreams. We set off with Mira on a journey into the unknown that is both highly artificial and yet also close to today’s reality.
by Felicitas Sonvilla
with Sasha Davydova, Leo van Kann, Lena Lauzemis
Germany 2017 English, German, Russian 30’ Colour The script was developed by Lion Bischof, Jonas Heldt and Felicitas Sonvilla.


  • Sasha Davydova (Mira)
  • Leo van Kann (Jakob)
  • Lena Lauzemis (Lena)


Director Felicitas Sonvilla
Cinematography Rebecca Meining
Editing Felicitas Sonvilla
Music Silvius Sonvilla
Sound Design Andreas Goldbrunner, Silvius Sonvilla
Sound Jonas Heldt
Production Design Susanna Haneder
Costumes Nora Igl
Make-Up Tanja Maderner, Anne Walther
Assistant Director Ella Cieslinski
Production Management Julia Swoboda
Line Producer Ferdinand Freising
Producers Lion Bischof, Jonas Heldt
Co-Production Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film München München

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The script was developed by Lion Bischof, Jonas Heldt and Felicitas Sonvilla.

Felicitas Sonvilla

Born in Vienna, Austria in 1988, she grew up in Brussels, Helsinki and Paris. In 2010 she completed a BA in theatre, film and media at the University of Vienna. Since then she has been studying documentary directing at the University of Television and Film Munich (HFF). Her documentaries Raumstation and Nacht Grenze Morgen (Two at the Border, co-directed with Tuna Kaptan) have screened at numerous international festivals and received several prizes.


2011 Raumstation; short documentary 2013 Nacht Grenze Morgen; short documentary 2016 The fabric of a vampire; experimental film 2017 Tara; medium-length film

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2017