“For this found footage animated film I downloaded 10,000 photographs of the sunset, adjusted each one and arranged them in order, setting into motion a singular, colossal, collective sunset.”
by Peter Miller Germany 2016 Without dialogue 10’ Colour


Director Peter Miller
Producer Peter Miller

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Peter Miller

Peter Miller, born in 1978 in Burlington, USA, is an artist working with film and photography based in Cologne and Dusseldorf, Germany. He received his MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and apprenticed to be a silversmith. His film and photographic works are preoccupied with magic and generally investigate the phenomena of the cinema and its constituent, irreducible elements: lens, light, flicker, audience, projection, etc. The work of Peter Miller is widely shown in solo and group exhibitions and festivals, and is in numerous private collections and public collections.


2002 The First and Last Roll of Super8 Sound Film; 3 min. 2005 Projector Obscura; 10 min. 2006 Forever Film (Expanded); 20 min. 2007 Broken Horses; 3 min. 2008 On The Logic of Dubious Historical Accounts, 1969-1972; 7 min. 2009 Very Similar to; 3 min. · Portrait; 7 min. · Chladni Scheme; 11 min. 2010 A Film that Cleans Your Eyes; 3 min. 2012 Ten Minutiae; 5 min. · Ritournelle; 4 min. 2014 Photuris; 6 min. · Eidola; 6 min. 2015 Sounds Like; 6 min. 2016 The Lookers; 48 min. 2017 Set

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2017