Ein Weg

A kiss by the sea, a promise for life. Who goes to the Baltic coast in the autumn? Nobody except Martin and Andreas. They come here every year and, every year, their son Max is a bit taller, and their own faces a bit older. This time Martin is fed up. The weather’s unpleasant and he’d much rather have stayed at home. Andreas on the other hand tears off his clothes and jumps into the freezing sea. A worried Martin tries to stop him and, stumbling, gulps down the salty water. Back at their holiday home the mood is weighed down by their different expectations of how they should spend their holidays together. What do they have left after all these years?
So many films about relationships end at the point when the couple have found each other. For director Chris Miera however this is precisely the moment when the interesting stories begin. What is the force that causes two people out of billions to decide to spend so much of their lives together? And what makes couples decide to part after such a long time? These are the questions that Ein Weg (Paths) sensitively investigates.
by Chris Miera
with Mike Hoffmann, Mathis Reinhardt, Tom Böttcher, Cai Cohrs, Peer Martiny, Anna Schimrigk, Eva Horacek, Yvone Döring, Sarah Löffler
Germany 2017 German 107’ Colour


  • Mike Hoffmann (Andreas)
  • Mathis Reinhardt (Martin)
  • Tom Böttcher (Max, teenager)
  • Cai Cohrs (Max, child)
  • Peer Martiny (Gutsmann)
  • Anna Schimrigk (Ida)
  • Eva Horacek (Christa)
  • Yvone Döring (Julia)
  • Sarah Löffler (Manuela)


Director Chris Miera
Screenplay Philipp Österle, Chris Miera
Cinematography Chris Miera
Editing Mirko Scheel
Music Matija Strniša
Sound Design Philipp Schwabe
Sound Mixing Christoph Walter
Sound Philipp Schwabe
Costumes Sonja Hesse
Make-Up Claus Grüßner
Assistant Director Alexander Weiz
Producer Chris Miera
Co-Production Hildebrandt Film Berlin

Produced by

Filmuniversität Babelsberg Konrad Wolf

http://www.filmuniversitaet.de http://www.filmuniversitaet.de

Chris Miera

Born in Schwedt, Germany, he lives in Berlin. He directed his first film whilst still at school in Beijing. In 2008 he began studying computer science but transferred to the Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf in 2010 where he is currently taking a postgraduate master scholar course in film and television direction. Ein Weg (Paths) is his graduation film.


2011 Gefühlt; short documentary 2012 Im April; short documentary 2013 Geteilt; short film 2014 Cottbus Festivaltrailer 2016 Die Kraft die bleibt 2017 Ein Weg (Paths)

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2017