El Buzo

The Diver | Der Taucher
Over 20 million people live in Mexico City and its urban sprawl. The city’s wastewater system is old and overstrained. The threat of flooding due to blocked sewers and pipes is constant. There are a few rare divers willing to plunge to the bottom of the sewerage tunnels to inspect them for possible obstacles. The scale of obstacles tends to encompass mattresses and cars. It is difficult to discern anything in the depths, the wastewater is jet black. The city is Goliath, producing more than 12,000 tonnes of waste every day. David is the diver, who works not against, but for Goliath. Without David, Goliath would already be dead.
David is Julio César Cu Cámara. For over 30 years he has been diving to the very depths of the city. “Yes”, he says, “I dive in the ocean with my children and I like it. But I prefer to dive here. Here in my own world, where I can do something for everyone.”
by Esteban Arrangoiz Mexico 2015 16’

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