El soñador

The Dreamer
“What happened?” · “I don’t know. I woke up feeling awful. I felt like my shoes didn’t fit me, like my belt was too loose. I felt I was in the wrong place, in every sense.”

Sebastián has a talent for picking locks, and that’s the only reason his supposed friends put up with him. The gang breaks into industrial buildings and dockside warehouses in and around Lima. It’s a grim life as a petty crook, which Sebastián endures by escaping into an own personal dream-world. One day Emilia appears in his inner realm. It becomes increasingly difficult to distinguish whether their strong feelings for each other are real or part of the fantasy world. Emilia’s two brothers, the leaders of the gang of thieves, will never accept their love. When Sebastián gets into a confrontation with one of them, he lashes out. There’s only one way out of this nightmare, but before his planned escape with Emilia, Sebastián risks one last great coup.
by Adrián Saba
with Gustavo Borjas, Elisa Tenaud, Herbert Corimanya, Valentín Prado
Peru / France 2016 80’

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