What’s in the Darkness

“Didn’t I tell you, you silly girl, you shouldn’t go to the lake area? There are some nasty people around.” · “No. Here’s nobody there.” · “Nasty people like places with few people.”

Qu is happiest when she's on stage, even though it’s just a rusty container and her audience a deserted scrapyard. But it’s not so bad being alone sometimes – everything seems so contradictory and opaque among the people in her town. Take her parents for example: why won’t they accept that Qu isn’t their real daughter? Why did they even get married, considering they don’t particularly like one another? A mysterious serial killer throws the town into panic and a vague sense of unease fills the air. Qu is fascinated, and follows the events at close quarters. The lesson she learns is to trust herself, even when it comes to navigating uncharted territory.
by Wang Yichun
with Su Xiaotong, Lu Qiwei, Jiang Xueming, Guo Xiao
People’s Republic of China 2015 99’

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