Old people are gathered around a table in a poor farmhouse, grieving. The deceased has been laid out in his good suit in the next room. Maja goes outside into the cold darkness. A dog barks over the windswept farm and the girl has a mysterious vision. Inside they are still sitting in silence. Someone is praying, someone else wipes away their tears and another reaches for the booze. When Maja enters the room again, she strides decisively over to the tape deck and inserts a cassette. A wonderful old blues song begins, ‘Last Kind Words’ by Geeshie Wiley. But apart from Maja, only one other person can hear the music. At first he moves one finger, then he opens his eyes. And suddenly, he is there again, amongst all the others, in his good suit, smiling and dancing to the music he so loved.
Maja was developed and filmed by Jakub Michnikowski and Sebastian Weber as part of Sebastian Weber’s second year exercise at the Cinematography Department of Łódź Film School.
by Jakub Michnikowski
with Maja Krupinska, Wladyslaw Kruk, Ryszard Nowakowski, Krystyna Karolak, Danuta Niewiadomska, Kazimiera Witkowska, Wojciech Walkus, Kazimierz Odziemek, Zbigniew Bialas
Poland 2014 6’

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