Brasil S/A

Brazilian Dream
Brazilian sugar-cane harvesters which transform themselves into astronauts to save their nation. Monumental excavators that dance ballet to opulent orchestral music. The national flag of Brazil triumphantly hoisted high on a gigantic building crane in the heavens above the skyscrapers…
Brasil S/A – Brazil Inc. – is an Eldorado for the eyes and ears: bodies, machines and landscapes in heroic movement. Choreographies of a brave new world in which the sun always shines. Instead of individual plot threads, director Marcelo Pedroso creates thrilling images of a country of superlatives unwaveringly committed to a belief in progress and success. Individual images whose impressive assembly suddenly makes them seem not only cheerful and lovely but also chillingly monstrous – turning the thrill into a hangover. Pedroso’s editing room is a rugged assembly hall in the factory complex of Brazil Inc., where the images themselves are turned into powerful tools in tandem with Pablo Lamar’s brilliantly wrought soundtrack. A film without dialogue but with a powerful voice nonetheless, satirically calling into question the promises of progress.
by Marcelo Pedroso
with Edilson Silva, Adeilton Nascimento, Giovanna Simões, Wilma Gomes, Marivalda Maria Dos Santos, Maracatu Estrela Brilhante
Brazil 2014 64’

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