Why do I not have a name, asks the boy. His grandfather, who is raising the boy, wants to convince him he does not need one. But now the boy is old enough to ask questions. Why does grandfather have so many different names? Will he be able to go to school without a name? How will a girl be able to remember him if he does not have a name? And what about his parents, why did they not give him a name? Grandfather, an educated man, gives him a lot of answers. But none of them satisfy the boy. He is determined to finally find out who he is. And he wants to have a normal life. To do so he will just have to find his own name. An unusual story that poses many questions and unfolds gently, chartering some philosophical terrain on the way.
by Loeloe Hendra
with Panca Jaka Fajar, Tua Atut, Anita Mukaromah, Yusra Ps
Indonesia 2014 15’

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