Sag mir Mnemosyne

Tell me Mnemosyne
Photographer and cameraman Karl-Heinz Hummel died in 2009 at the age of 80. In what way does he live on? In which things does he continue to exist? And do the places which he saw and where he filmed remember anything of him? He made films in Greece and later worked at a TV studio in the United Arab Emirates. Karl-Heinz Hummel was the great uncle of director Lisa Sperling who, with her editor Florian Kläger, has created this associative, contemplative portrait with an absent protagonist – immaterial but still ever present in the gradually fading memories of his friends in Greece and Ajman. The film's present is permeated by a recounted past which flares into being the moment its fleeting light is projected onto the screen.
by Lisa Sperling Germany 2015 55’

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