After a long period in prison 40-year-old Wanja is determined to avoid anything that will lead her back into addiction and the same lowlife circles as before. She takes innocuous jobs, first in a pet shop because she likes caring for animals, and then at a trotting stables. She moves into social housing and meets regularly with her parole officer. During her work at the trotting track, where she is responsible for looking after the horses, she meets Emma, a somewhat rebellious 16-year-old. Wanja soon starts feeling affection for the troubled girl who reminds her of herself before she went into prison – right down to the same excessive drinking, the drug-taking and the cool friends. At first the two keep out of each other's way but little by little Wanja grows closer to Emma and a cautious friendship develops. When Emma lands in trouble, Wanja decides to take control and save her.
by Carolina Hellsgård
with Anne Ratte-Polle, Nele Trebs, Robert Viktor Minich, Marko Dyrlich, Michael Baderschneider, Mehmet Yilmaz, Jan Bülow, Tim Blochwitz, Hauke Petersen, Joachim Schoenfeld
Germany 2015 87’

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Flickfilm GbR

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