Boogaloo and Graham

Boogaloo und Graham
Belfast, 1978. Heavily armed soldiers patrol the streets and many people are out of work. In the midst of these hard times one father gives his two children two little chicks. Delighted, both boys proceed to carry these cute bundles around with them all day long. Even the surly soldiers have to smile. At dinnertime, tasty chicken is soon off the menu for the two brothers. Now they are both confirmed vegetarians – bar a few treats. When they grow up they want to have a chicken farm. But their mood soon changes when they are told that their mother is pregnant and their grubby, bacteria-infested animals will have to go. This comes as a shock to the boys who cannot and will not accept it. The pair soon become pretty rebellious. These memories of a childhood in a city in the grip of a civil war are served up tenderly and laced with humour by director Michael Lennox.
by Michael Lennox
with Martin McCann, Charlene McKenna, Riley Hamilton, Aaron Lynch, Lena Rose Strowger-Wray, Billy Murray, Paul Kennedy, Jonathan Harden
United Kingdom 2014 14’

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