Rebel Without a Cause

...denn sie wissen nicht, was sie tun
Jim Stark is 17 and at odds with his parents. Soon after the family moves to L.A., he gets in trouble with the police. As the new kid in school, he wants to fit in and he also wants to impress the neighbor’s daughter, Judy, so he takes part in a game of chicken that ends with his challenger’s death. When the clique tries to exact revenge, Jim, Judy, and another friend take to the road … The film was released just one month after star James Dean’s death in an accident, making the 24-year old actor ‘immortal’ and creating a young idol whose fame continues to this day. Rebel Without a Cause was also the blueprint for ‘teenage movies’ the world over, making film part of international youth culture. For the restoration, the original Warner Bros. CinemaScope negative was scanned at 8K resolution and the restoration completed in 4K. The sound was reconstructed using the magnetic soundtrack stripes of release prints. – International premiere of the version restored by Warner Bros. in collaboration with The Film Foundation; restoration funding provided by Warner Bros., Gucci, and The Film Foundation.
by Nicholas Ray
with James Dean, Natalie Wood, Sal Mineo, Jim Backus
USA 1955 111’

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