Marc Jacobs

Nine year old Soufyane, son of a Moroccan father and Dutch mother, lives in an apartment with his mother and sister in a typical big city high-rise estate. His father, whom he never sees, invites him on a journey. A journey to the country of his ancestors – Morocco. Soufyane is thrilled and prepares for the trip fastidiously, as it is also a kind of initiation. His friends insist that he should get a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses, but Soufyane would rather wear Marc Jacobs. But doesn't he want to be a soldier, they ask. He remains silent and doesn't let himself be swayed. Among the various blackmarket dealers in his neighbourhood he eventually finds someone who has the right glasses. Instead of 200 he only has to pay 30, and he's ready to go. Utilising calm and sober framing, the director gives the amateur actors ample room to explore and express their ideas of manhood and male rituals. Concepts that come up against hard realities in the suburbs. Something that Soufyane also painfully learns, as the sun goes down and he calls after his father.
by Sam de Jong
with Ruhi Belkadi, Chaalisa Belkadi, Donna Harreman, Ayoub Elasri, Oussama Addi, Achraf Meziani
Netherlands 2013 17’

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