Last Hijack

In Somalia, piracy is far less socially acceptable than it was a few years ago. And yet necessity still forces fishermen into the clutches of the pirate recruiters. One experienced pirate is Mohamed, who, like many others, took to piracy in order to survive in his country. His fiancé's parents do not look at all kindly on his activity, for life as a pirate on the high seas has become increasingly dangerous since these waters are now tightly controlled. There’s not much left of the heroic image that pirates once enjoyed, either. Yet many families are reliant on the income from piracy, although the spoils are not what they once were. Mohamed has to decide if he should capture one last ship or begin a new life with his fiancé – albeit with uncertain prospects.
Using a mixture of animation, documentary and dramatised scenes, the film describes how Mohamed became a pirate. His complex situation is portrayed from different angles: compelling animation sequences show how ships are captured by pirates, but they also depict Mohamed’s childhood and show how drought and war forced him to leave his home.
by Tommy Pallotta, Femke Wolting Netherlands / Germany / Ireland / Belgium 2014 83’

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