En du elsker

Someone You Love
The Dane Thomas Jacob has made an international name for himself as a singer and songwriter. He lives for his music. After years of absence he returns to his native land to record a new album with his long-standing producer, Molly Moe. His assistant, Kate, who helps him with everything, has rented a large house where he proposes to hide himself away. But his daughter Julie, with whom he has never had much contact, and her eleven-year-old son, Noa, put an end to this idea: Julie, a single mother, is admitted to a rehabilitation clinic and Thomas is obliged to have Noa to stay. Slowly a relationship develops between grandfather and grandson. But then calamity strikes and Thomas must make a decision which will change his life – and not just his.
As with her other films, director Pernille Fischer Christensen, who won an award at the Berlinale for her feature debut En Soap, collaborated with Danish novelist, illustrator and writer Kim Fupz Aakeson (of Kraftidioten and Gnade) to create the screenplay for her current work which describes the transformation of a successful musician but disagreeable egocentric into somebody who is prepared to take on responsibility for himself and others.
by Pernille Fischer Christensen
with Mikael Persbrandt, Trine Dyrholm, Birgitte Hjort Sørensen, Sofus Rønnov, Eve Best, Lourdes Faberes
Denmark / Sweden 2014 100’

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