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The Way He Looks
Giovana is Leo’s best friend. They spend their afternoons at the pool, awarding points for the level of their boredom and just hanging out. But there are limits to their intimacy. Leo is rather self-contained; even his schoolmates’ barbs can’t dent his sense of his own independence. Tired of his parents’ over-protective attitude, this blind fifteen-year-old wants to take control of his own life and apply for a school exchange. The arrival of a new pupil at school prompts Leo to reassess his daily routine. Having made friends with Gabriel he must now find a way to deal with Giovana’s jealousy. And yet, as naturally as Leo becomes aware of his feelings for Gabriel, the more he allows himself to feel unsettled by his friend’s tentative advances.
With the dreamlike effortlessness of a Shakespearean comedy, the winner of the 2008 Crystal Bear has the protagonists of his first feature-length drama orbit each other in an emotional universe of fierce attractions, shy games of hide-and-seek and timid encounters – revealing to us in sensitive, almost weightless observational images how they begin to reveal their feelings.
by Daniel Ribeiro
with Ghilherme Lobo, Tess Amorim, Fabio Audi
Brazil 2014 96’

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