Primate Cinema: Apes as Family

Chimpanzees live very different lives; some grow up in jungles, others in laboratories, in domesticity, or in zoos. This means they all have very different needs and behavioural patterns. But they all love television. Primate Cinema: Apes as Family is the first ever drama created and produced with an audience of chimps in mind. It’s all about the essential issues in a chimp's life: sex, food, territorial struggles and politics. The film is presented to chimpanzees at Edinburgh Zoo and also to a female chimp living with humans. Reasonably interested in the goings-on, she settles down on bed to watch the film in comfort. The chimpanzees at the zoo are also intrigued; they come and go and at times become very excited indeed by some of the things they see on TV.
by Rachel Mayeri
with Denise Pearlman, J.C. Lee, Song Man Choh, Heather Sultz
USA / United Kingdom 2012 11’

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