Hypozentrum is a fragmentary amalgamation of fiction and reality into a time-based, animated ensemble. An aesthetic blackmail. A compensation for emotional deficits that is definitely sad. The term hypocentre – the seismic source that unleashes an earthquake – describes a place that cannot be seen, but from which an extraordinary power emanates which has an effect on the visible world. This film revolves around this term on a variety of levels. A process dictated by narrative is deliberately avoided. Abused texts and effects. Garish visions of childhood, Eros and sexuality, illness, dying, death and Techno. An incestuous affair between rhythm, a bass line and eternity that appears to transcend all. There is rumbling everywhere, and tension. It seems they still exist, those things you can’t talk about. Sparklers would be good. Brightly coloured, anthropologically glistening confetti, in which furious vibrations scantily flutter down between emotional artefacts on the horizon of arousal.
by Xenia Lesniewski
with Xenia Lesniewski, Hanno Schnegg
Germany 2013 15’

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