Djur jag dödade förra sommaren

Animals I Killed Last Summer
This summer, Leo’s got it in for quite a lot of animals. Ants, wasps – no small creature at their holiday home is safe from him. His father tries unsuccessfully to stop him from killing them but only manages to entangle himself in contradictions – because he too soon has blood on his hands. Deep rifts begin to open up in the garden of an average modern middle-class family.
In its meticulously observed scenes the film examines the hypocrisy of a society that might be shocked by the way that animals are killed, but has no qualms about living off them just the same.
by Gustav Danielsson
with Sebastian Ylvenius, Daniella Mendel-Enk, Anton Samuelsson Forsdik, Oliver Liard Göthberg, Mats Jäderlund
Sweden 2012 15’

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