Mammu, es Tevi milu

Mother, I Love You | Mama, ich lieb dich
Raimonds is an adolescent pupil at a school specialising in music. His behaviour earns him a severe reprimand. Naturally, he has no intention of obtaining his mother’s signature on this censure and simply unplugs the telephone when his teacher tries to call her at home. Life is far from easy for Raimonds’ mother who works overtime at a clinic to make ends meet. This means Raimonds is usually left to deal with his problems on his own. To cap it all, he discovers his mother has in fact been leading him up the garden path with all her talk of night shifts. She is completely oblivious when her son becomes involved in a number of desperate acts. The excuses which follow soon ensnare him in an impossible situation. Told entirely from Raimonds' point of view, this realistic drama provides the viewer with an insight into the emotional life of this introverted boy.
Sensitively portrayed, the film describes the difficult path mother and son must travel if they are to rebuild their relationship.
by Janis Nords
with Kristofers Konovalovs, Vita Varpina, Matiss Livcans, Indra Brike
Latvia 2013 82’ recommendation: 10 years and up

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