The Croods

Die Croods
When their cave is destroyed the Stone Age Croods family has to find a new home in a strange and unpredictable world. Mother Nature is still in her experimental phase; she’s busy creating the most unusual creatures and hasn't even finished planning the continents. Who will these last survivors of a prehistoric era choose to follow on their journey into the unknown? Will it be Grug, father and head of the tribe who sees danger at every turn? Or will they put their trust in young Guy, who is bursting with new ideas and who, much to Grug’s chagrin, also falls in love with his sprightly daughter, Eep? In a world full of challenges it appears that inspirational youth might be a better option if they are to survive. A painful lesson for Papa Grug. But in the end everybody gets something out of learning to overcome their fears. Last but not least, they discover that every family member already has everything they need to survive – each other.
With a lot of wit and opulence, Christopher Sanders and Kirk DeMicco have created a 3D fantasy world with family values which don't seem to have changed since the Stone Age.
by Kirk DeMicco, Chris Sanders
with Voices: Nicolas Cage, Ryan Reynolds, Emma Stone
USA 2013 90’

World sales

Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp.

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