Satellite Boy

A vast, sun-drenched landscape in north-western Australia. In the tall grass an old man and a boy, both Aboriginal. Suddenly, a phone rings from inside a rusty tin box. Delighted, the boy runs over to the phone: "Mum?" But the other end is silent. Pete and his grandfather, whom he calls 'Jubi', live in a corrugated iron hut on the edge of this remote community. Although rundown, the place has a certain charm. There's always a campfire burning and at night the stars are amazingly clear and bright. Grandfather is a great believer in the old traditions and often talks about his people's mystical bond with the land of their ancestors. Pete's mother lives in the city. She promised to return, but has failed to keep in touch. One day, a mining company arrives with plans to demolish their home. Pete sneaks away with his best friend to try and persuade the company boss to change his mind. They get lost in the outback where they learn about nature's magical power which both threatens and protects them. It is only thanks to Jubi's knowledge that they narrowly escape death. In the end Pete has to make a tough decision – almost too tough for a boy of just ten.
by Catriona McKenzie
with David Gulpilil, Cameron Wallaby, Joseph Pedley
Australia 2012 90’ recommendation: 11 years and up

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