Haleema is the parable of a young Darfurian girl who must fight for the survival of her family. In the blistering heat of the Sudanese desert, a pregnant mother and her two young children are on the search for water and safety from the dangerous Janjaweed, a merciless militia who terrorizes and kills the people in the region. When her brother is too weak to continue, Haleema is sent by her mother to find water. During her desperate search, the girl is confronted by two Janjaweed. Haleema manages to escape by the skin of her teeth. After she finally finds a small puddle of dirty water, Haleema rushes back to her family. She is followed by a parched dog, begging for water. Although Haleema has hardly enough water for her family, the girl gives in and shares what little she has with the poor creature. But will she now have enough to save her family?
by Boris Schaarschmidt
with Dara Iruka, Samba Schutte, Larry Thigpen, Peres Owino, Emtithal Mahmoud
Germany 2012 17’

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