Rafa is thirteen and lives with his mother, sister and his little nephew in a tiny flat in one of the suburbs just south of Lisbon on the other side of the big bridge.
One morning, his mother isn’t there. She didn’t return after spending another night with that man. Worried, Rafa sets off to find her.
He goes to the police station and tries to find out something. Although he responds to their questions calmly he doesn’t get any answers himself. Rafa tries to stand his own in this authoritarian environment and cope with the absurdities of bureaucracy, but to no avail. He takes off to see what the rest of the day will bring. He discovers many an enticement along the way but has to overcome its appeal.
He is prepared to do everything and anything – except go home without his mother.
by João Salaviza
with Rodrigo Perdigao, Joana Verona, Nuno Bernardo, Nuno Portfirio, Pietro Romani
Portugal / France 2012 25’

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