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Home For The Weekend
Marko is in his early thirties. Ever since he finished college he’s lived in Berlin – just far enough away from his parents Gitte and Günter whose middle-class way of life really isn’t his thing. He pays them a visit once or twice a year, mostly to let them spend a few days together with their grandchild, Marko’s five-year old son, Zowie.
Marko is looking forward to a relatively quite weekend in the small town where his parents live. But there’s news: Gitte, who has been bipolar since Marko’s childhood, announces that a homeopathic treatment has made her feel better than she has done in years. She’s decided to do away with her medication and is now looking forward to sharing the rest of her life with her husband. Gitte’s unexpected recovery thwarts Günter’s own plans.
Marko’s younger brother Jakob and his partner Ella also find themselves at a crossroads. Whilst Jakob is prepared to spend his life close to his parents – especially to his mother Gitte – Ella is hoping to pursue a career abroad. Marko acts as a catalyst; his presence provokes a confrontation with unspoken truths which causes the façade of harmonious family life to fall to pieces.
by Hans-Christian Schmid
with Lars Eidinger, Corinna Harfouch, Sebastian Zimmler, Ernst Stötzner, Picco von Groote
Germany 2012 84’

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