Sometimes we sit and think and sometimes we just sit

On the spur of the moment a fifty-year-old man not yet in the late bloom of life decides to leave the rat race and check into an old people’s home where he now spends his days doing sweet nothing behind drawn curtains in a gently-lit room. But his even-tempered serenity only serves to make everyone around him nervous: a young carer seeks his company and spends wonderful moments with him in silent harmony; an old lady who also lives at the home begins to drop in regularly for a cuppa and even the home’s doctor begins to take an interest in the strange case of this ‘imaginary oldie’. And of course, the more his interlocutor allows the doctor’s professional ministrations to roll off him, the more perplexed the medic becomes. Feeling betrayed by his father, the man’s son too becomes increasingly uncomfortable and makes several attempts to urge his father to come back to his old life.
by Julian Pörksen
with Peter René Lüdicke, Eike Weinreich, Ursula Geyer-Hopfe
Germany 2012 32’

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