A strange magic pervades this country where the creatures are so different from us. Although these cat-people look a little like us and their nature is somewhat similar to ours, they differ in every other aspect. In their country there are deep, dark forests and empty deserts. These creatures are informed by another kind of philosophy and culture. Verses, thoughts and sayings are passed on verbally. And when such verses are repeated over and over, they morph into crystalline form; into a body without bones or flesh and blood, a body that is more like a mass of minerals than a body. These crystalline bodies are LI.LI.TA.AL. or, verses without life. They are buried, respectfully and with every possible expression of honour. The burial ritual for a LI.LI.TA.AL. represents a significant moment in everyday life in Vita-Lakamaya.
by Akihito Izuhara Japan 2011 8’

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