Canned Dreams

CANNED DREAMS presents the absurdity of food production in Europe. Behind the product are uncountable number of workers and their stories from multiple cultures.

Each worker that contributes towards the product tells their own story about their everyday life, turning points in their past and moments that have stopped and touched them. The stories are full of joy and sadness.

In the film we see production chain from the beginning to the end and follow the route of the product through Europe. The wheat is grown in huge Ukrainian wheat fields and transported to a French factory where the pasta dough is prepared. Tomatoes come from Portugal, pork meat from Denmark, beef from Poland, eggs from France and olive oil from Italy. The final product is manufactured and canned in France and then transported to a shelf of a supermarket in Finland.

The film features seven ingredients, seven main characters and seven strong stories from different countries. The characters' ages and backgrounds vary and their stories will touch diverse spheres of life at the same time being universal and reaching out to people anywhere in the world.
by Katja Gauriloff Finland 2011 81’

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