Leave It On The Floor

As soon as twenty-two-year old Brad Lyle’s mother discovers that her son is gay she denounces him as a loser and throws him out of the house. Suicidal Brad drifts away from his suburban home in El Monte towards downtown Los Angeles. Like Alice discovers her wonderland, so Brad embarks on a queer initiation and soon finds himself plunged into the iridescent, vibrant and completely theatrical world of vogue balls. At first this underground counter-culture that exists beyond the realm of the established pop scene seems alien, bizarre and chaotic. But Brad has no idea of the bittersweet, erotic éducation sentimentale that awaits him and will eventually lead to self-realisation, acceptance and self-respect. And, once sexy Brad is taken into the fold at the ‘House of Eminence’, there’s no end of twists and turns.
This updated high energy musical version of Jennie Livingston’s 1991 dance hall classic PARIS IS BURNING contains eleven powerful dance anthems and celebrates the creativity, imagination, vitality and courage of the contemporary vogue ball community in L.A. and other urban centres in the US.
by Sheldon Larry
with Ephraim Sykes, Miss Barbie-Q, Phillip Evelyn, Andre Myers, James Alsop
USA / Canada 2011 106’

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Arrow Entertainment Inc.

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