Knerten gifter seg

Twigson Ties The Knot | Knerten traut sich
Twigs have feelings too! Of this, Norwegian director Martin Lund is quite certain. And so, for him, the protagonist of his film is no different to humans, for, as he says: “We are all made to be with someone else, to have someone with whom we can spend our lives. Someone to have and to hold. Someone to love. And then, if we are separated from the person we love, we do crazy things to get them back. This is what my film is about. What it’s like to yearn for someone, to search for this person and how important it is to be with someone.”
In this sequel to TWIGSON (2010) our woody hero falls in love – in Karoline, a rather fetching birch twig. But for all those who might be tempted to think that the basic idea of one piece of wood meeting another isn’t exactly the stuff of a feature-length film, the filmmakers have also created another strand, namely, a crime. It all begins when Junior’s mother mysteriously falls off her bicycle and badly hurts herself. Of course Dad is away selling nylons at the time as usual, and the police aren’t really bothered. But Junior is convinced that there’s more to the incident than meets the eye, and so he sets out like a detective to search for evidence to prove it. He is aided in his investigations by his girlfriend Tiny – but of course Twigson and Karoline are also in tow!
by Martin Lund
with Adrian Grønnevik Smith, Petrus Andreas Christensen, Pernille Sørensen, Jan Gunnar Røise, Åsleik Engmark
Norway 2010 78’ empfohlen ab 6 Jahren

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