Über uns das All

Above Us Only Sky
Martha is in a happy relationship, she has a home, knows just where she belongs and shares her life with Paul, the man she trusts and knows inside out. She looks ahead and sees – the future.
But then one day two policewomen appear at her door and all at once everything changes. The man with whom Martha has lived for many years is nothing but a phantom. Suddenly, Martha’s life is not what it was, and nothing she knew was what it seemed.
Then Martha meets Alexander, and a tiny gesture is enough to rekindle her longing for Paul, whom she now sees in Alexander. She looks ahead and sees – the past.
And so there she is, in a happy relationship once again; she has a home, knows just where she belongs and is sharing her life with someone she trusts. But does she really know the man she loves? Or does she just love the man she knows?
Jan Schomburg: “During the extended development period for ÜBER UNS DAS ALL a second theme emerged alongside the central one of a secret double life. I began to ask myself how people cope when love suddenly comes to an abrupt end. I noticed that what I really wanted to know was what kind of a new relationship such people might find themselves in. Is it possible to replace someone you love with someone else? Is it possible to miss someone so much that you see them in someone else? Can one’s longing for a lost love engender a new one?”
by Jan Schomburg
with Sandra Hüller, Georg Friedrich, Felix Knopp
Germany 2011 88’

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Bavaria Film International

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