Asshole | Wichser
Gandu is twenty and comes from Kolkata. According to slang used in his home town, his name means something like ‘arsehole’ or ‘wanker’. Gandu lives under Howrah Bridge, one of Kolkata’s landmarks. His mother is forced to prostitute herself in exchange for a place to live and something to eat. While she is having sex with Dasababu, the owner of the internet café on their street, Gandu sneaks into the bedroom and steals some money from his fat wallet. Now flush, he meanders through the streets and parks before turning up at Dasababu’s internet café where he plays a round of first person shooter, downloads a porn film and watches an exquisitely beautiful woman making a skype call to her lover. Shortly afterwards he comes across a rickshaw driver with a Bruce Lee obsession. The two soon become inseparable friends; at last, Gandu has found someone in whom he can confide his woes and with whom he can share his dream of becoming a rapper. Wouldn’t that be something! In return, Rickshaw introduces him to the world of drugs, thanks to which the boundary between Gandu’s depressing everyday life and his glamorous dream world no longer seems fearful. When Gandu’s mother catches her son once again stealing money from Dasbabu’s wallet their relationship reaches an all-time low. Gandu is thrown out. He promptly treats himself and his friend to a really big hit which propels them both into a psychedelic cosmos filled with rap lyrics, pornography and the goddess Kali. The pair wakes up under a gigantic tree – where Gandu learns that all his dreams have indeed come true …
by Kaushik Mukherjee (Q)
with Anubrata, Joyraj, Rii, Shilajit, Kamalika
India 2010 85’

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