The Actresses
It’ll be a premiere and a real end-of-year sensation: Korea’s most beautiful women, all together on one photograph for the first time. This is the idea behind Korean “Vogue”’s Christmas special. The photo shoot with the country’s most stunning, confident ladies needs to be handled with the kind of diplomacy needed for an important summit – even though the undertaking breaks the golden rule that one should never book the top names in the industry for a group photo.
But fate takes its course: the shoot proves to be a disaster from the word go. The psychological argy-bargy commences as soon as the stars arrive and, before long, the question of who is arriving and how, who arrives late, and who will be the last becomes a sensitive issue. Things get worse when it comes to getting into the prepared outfits. Voices become increasingly shrill and the atmosphere becomes increasingly tense until it deteriorates into complete hysteria when one of the ladies grandly sweeps out of the room. Finally, a blizzard prevents the shoot from wrapping on time. The endless waiting doesn’t only get on the crew’s nerves; the belles are about to blow their top, too. And then, contrary to everyone’s expectations, these tough yet frank and open actors pull themselves together, sit down at a table and begin to talk about what it’s like to be a famous actor in Korea. But will the models and the crew manage to finish the job well and in good spirits?
by E, J-Yong
with Youn Yuh-jung, Ko Hyun-jung, Choi Ji-woo, Kim Ok-vin, Kim Min-hee, Lee Mi-suk
Republic of Korea (South Korea) 2009 104’

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